Key outputs from the Research Network will be made available for download.

Below is the Parys Declaration on the Importance of Wetlands in Drylands, prepared by attendees following the inaugural meeting of the Network.


Below is the Science Brief prepared as part of the preparations for the United Nations Global Sustainability Development Report 2015.

Brief for GSDR 2015 Wetlands in Drylands TOOTH ET AL

The brochure ’10 Reasons why the Geomorphology of Wetlands is Important’ is provided below, both as a full colour and a printer friendly version.

10 Reasons Geomorphology of Wetlands NEAR FINAL FULL COLOUR

10 Reasons Geomorphology of Wetlands NEAR FINAL PRINTER FRIENDLY

Download the proceedings of WIDS2017, the Wetlands in Drylands Research Network Conference, held at Macquarie University (Sydney, Australia) from 24-26 July 2017:

WIDS2017 Dynamic Landscapes – Programme and Abstracts

Spanish language versions of the Parys Declaration and the ’10 Reasons’ brochure are also available.  These translations were produced by Alejandra Soledad Bueno as part of a British Council-funded workshop on rivers and wetlands in drylands that was organised by Stephen Tooth and Hywel Griffiths (Aberystwyth University, Wales, UK) and Gabriel Kaless (Universidad de la Patagonia San Juan Bosco, Argentina).


10 razones humedales FINAL

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