WiDs Spatial

We are developing a spatial database of Wetlands in Drylands research sites!

We aim to feature an embedded interactive map with location markers of Wetlands in Drylands around the world. Each WiDs marker will provide information on the wetland concerned, as well as links to relevant literature.

To contribute, please send wetland information in a spreadsheet with the following column headings: WGS84lat, WGS84long, Name, Description, Paper1, Paper2, to Paper-n. WGS coordinates should be in decimal degrees (negative values for south and west coordinates). Keep the description short (see the current map). Doi links should be inserted for each published paper. Send contributions to mgrenfell@uwc.ac.za.

Click on the map and drag to move around. Roll the mouse wheel to zoom in or out. Click on a marker to access information for a site.

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