WiDs in the media

From time to time, wetlands in drylands are featured in the media. With the current strong El Niño event affecting many drylands globally, over the last few months, interest has been high. Relevant written articles from Jan 2016 include coverage of two contrasting situations:

1) Heavy rains that are starting to fill Australia’s vast Kati Thanda-Lake Eyre:


2) Bolivia’s second largest lake that is drying up and may disappear:


Meanwhile, two consecutive poor monsoon seasons have led to severe drought in India.  The government-led Inter Linking of Rivers (ILR) scheme has numerous links planned for water transfer from surplus to deficit areas but critics say no scientific study has been done, and that the project is not viable financially, environmentally or socially:


There’s no explict mention of wetlands in this article, but the story is a familiar one, and the implications for India’s riparian habitats and wetlands will be clear.

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